Coffee producing region highlight: Cerrado Mineiro, Brazil

Discover the rich history and exquisite flavours of coffee from the Cerrado Mineiro region in Brazil. Known as one of the finest coffee-producing areas in the world, this region boasts a unique combination of factors that contribute to its exceptional coffee beans. Join us as we delve into the fascinating journey of Cerrado Mineiro coffee, exploring its denomination of origin, terroir, climate, farming practices, and more.

Cerrado Mineiro coffee region map

History and Denomination of Origin:

The Cerrado Mineiro region, located in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, has a long-standing tradition of coffee production. With a history dating back to the 18th century, the region's coffee industry has grown and evolved, establishing a reputation for exceptional quality and distinct characteristics. In recognition of its unique attributes, Cerrado Mineiro was granted the Denomination of Origin status in 2013, becoming the first coffee-producing region in Brazil to receive this prestigious designation.

Terroir and Climate:

The terroir of Cerrado Mineiro plays a pivotal role in shaping the flavor profile of its coffee. Situated at an altitude of 800 to 1,300 meters above sea level, the region benefits from fertile soils rich in minerals, providing an ideal foundation for coffee cultivation. The warm days and cool nights create a unique diurnal temperature variation, which imparts a desirable complexity to the beans. Furthermore, the dry climate of the Cerrado region ensures a well-defined harvest season, resulting in coffee with exceptional sweetness and balanced acidity.

Cerrado Mineiro coffee in Brazil

Farming Practices:

Sustainability is a cornerstone of coffee production in the Cerrado Mineiro region. Orange Brown has an agronomist with international certification experience on the team that personally visit the farms and regions assuring that the farming and social practices follow the highest standards.

Coffee farmers in the Cerrado Mineiro region employ meticulous farming practices, combining traditional methods with modern techniques to cultivate their crops. The focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility is a core value of the region's coffee producers. Many farms utilize sustainable practices such as water management, soil conservation, and shade-grown cultivation. Additionally, the use of selective harvesting techniques ensures that only the ripest coffee cherries are picked, guaranteeing optimal flavor and quality.

Coffee Varietals and Flavor Profiles:

The Cerrado Mineiro region is home to an impressive range of coffee varietals, each with its own distinct flavor characteristics. Common varietals include Bourbon, Catuai, Mundo Novo, and Acaiá, among others. These varietals, combined with the unique terroir and meticulous farming practices, contribute to the diverse flavor profiles found in Cerrado Mineiro coffee. Expect a cup that offers notes of chocolate, caramel, nuts, and a delightful brightness that invigorates the palate.

Cerrado Mineiro farms

Quality Control and Traceability:

We believe transparency is the backbone of the specialty coffee industry. Our focus is in developing long term relationship with the farmers, that is key for keeping quality and consistency harvest after harvest.

To ensure the highest quality standards, the Cerrado Mineiro region has implemented rigorous quality control measures. Coffee beans are carefully inspected, sorted, and processed using state-of-the-art machinery. Moreover, the region has established traceability systems that allow consumers to track the journey of their coffee from farm to cup. This transparency provides assurance and fosters a deeper connection between coffee enthusiasts and the dedicated farmers of Cerrado Mineiro.

Experience Cerrado Mineiro Coffee:

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Cerrado Mineiro coffee by indulging roasting traceable specialty coffee. With its rich history, protected denomination of origin, distinct terroir, and sustainable farming practices, Cerrado Mineiro coffee offers a truly unique experience for discerning coffee lovers. Discover the balanced flavours, delightful aromas, and smooth textures that have made this region a renowned coffee destination. Your clients are sure to love it!

At Orange Brown, we take pride in sourcing the finest Cerrado Mineiro coffee beans, bringing you an exquisite coffee experience in every sip. Explore our selection and embark on a journey that celebrates the art and craftsmanship of Brazilian

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